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Monty Python’s philosopher jokes are the actual best.


[You feel your relationship with Kou and Daisuke has grown really, really fucking close. Like, boyfriends close.]

tbh I do not know how anybody can go through this social link without even pondering the idea of their being in a triad relationship, like. honestly.

I forgot that I bought this yesterday and now I’m laughing all over again (I actually do like how it smells though)


my roommate texted me this past midnight and i cant breathe

mmmmm club crackers

aka best crackers


I have a lot of feelings about Kanji Tatsumi that I’m not really sure how to quantify yet, but the most intense/predominant so far are these:

  • I would probably kiss him
  • I think he would benefit from being rolled up in a very soft blanket

We’re doing our first “grocery shopping without a budget” and I think it’s going swimmingly