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Preordering P4AU was a good investment.



so I know nobody really asked for any Souji/Kanji but, uh, I can explain.

full (NSFW) image under the cut— full size here

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yelling with Helen in fanmail about how juiced we are about Warcraft junk is probably one of my favorite pastimes tbh

In case anybody was wondering, my birthday is in like two weeks, please provide me with fanart/fic of my favorite ships/characters

Socks or food are also acceptable





So I was scrawling some quick ‘I-earned-a-rest-so-lets-make-some-Striders’ Hal doodles yesterday evening - ya know, style experimenting, and seeing how I felt about the fanon Hal design since I’d never really drawn that version of him before, and I dunno what happened here, but …have a….a much older….beefier…Hal? I guess? What? Look, I don’t control the hand. It draws what it wants. The brain and the hand are not interconnected. Man, I am going to regret posting this…

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Tag was accurate. Reblogging here after all, because peoples tags on him have significantly eased my embarrassment! But yes, in the whole colour-doodle session, I couldn’t bring myself to colour his face any ‘human’ tone a single time. Like, I just can’t seem to reconcile it. As soon as I give him human skintone and blond hair, he starts looking like Dirk in a wetsuit to me. Looks like I’ll never be able to draw 100% fanon Hal - sorry! I will however, be drawing a certain AU Hal soon. 

whoever did that is an elitist asshole and rude as shit and doesn’t deserve your attention. It’s called artistic freedom, and if they can’t deal with it they can fuck off.

ehhh, I wouldn’t go quite that far, I think I’m overreacting a little since it was such a minute detail but I just wonder what the point was of nitpicking that detail as if it were some kind of dealbreaker :/