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l m a o so I guess I misunderstood about the Inquisitor’s edition and didn’t think it was actually a limited quantity thing, we were planning on using our earnings from this weekend to preorder it but LOL IT’S NOT AVAILABLE I’m so pissed off sorry we were too fucking poor to even think about buying video games when that went on sale I would gladly fork over $170 for it now that I have it but I guess the fucking joke is on me

Just found this pin stuck in the sole of my shoe, I’m…

Just as a PSA to people who attend cons and hang out in the artist alley: don’t trash talk characters an artist has merch of. Do not do it.

This weekend at my table I’ve heard multiple people completely trashing Kaidan and Ashley (mostly “I always kill Kaidan, he’s a whiny pain in the ass” or “I never save Ashley, she’s such a bitch”) and sometimes they say this directly to me, not knowing if either of them might be my favorite— after all, I do have art I worked hard on of both of them. Usually I try to politely dissuade people but that doesn’t always work.

About an hour ago a guy came to my table, noticed my large Alistair print, and told me, sounding extremely offended, that he *HATES* Alistair. I told him I was sorry he felt that way, and he said, “it’s whatever, I just hate when I see art of him, because I hate him.”

What am I supposed to say to that? Apologize for liking him? Take the piece down because it offends him?

I don’t care if you hate a character I draw. I clearly like them enough to spend time drawing them and am happy enough with that product to have that art printed and offer it to others— why would you say something like that to anyone??

Please be kind and thoughtful in your comments to artists and don’t be rude about characters featured in their art, no matter how tempting it is.

Small early teens agreeable Circle apprentice Lucas Amell \( *o*)/ #dragonage #artistalleytabledoodles

Did an Emergency Print Run at the Fedex down the street and the colors are so washed out :( I guess it could be worse but :( :(

Also, I know this is like, Assassin Voice Actor Con, but I’m really not sure about this cover art

Drew some small dragon ages #dragonage #artistalleytabledoodles

This weekend’s setup! I apparently couldn’t decide if I wanted to be in the picture or not. These tables continue to be gigantic. #sacanime #artistalley

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